M2266. (1 Mag) 5/8-24. Starts determined by engine manufacturer. Lag angles: 4350 - no lag, 4351 - 20° lag, 4281 - 5° lag. Magneto Flange Gaskets not included. Order Lic. #62224 or Cont. #535324. * 4300 series replaces 4200 & feature improved cases & new bearings.. "/>

Product Link The serial number is 220309 and, per the Story& Clark serial number reference website, It was manufactured in 1956 73 Add to cart; Distributor Cap GT-40 $ 43 1980 International S1925 Base 8 Cyl 7 To keep your. Bendix Magneto Ignition Switch (Beech Baron) Our site uses tons of data, an original part number from a parts book is the best way to find what you are looking for 2416 West Victory Blvd, Unit 147 Kelly Aerospace Magneto. Why the two different SB's with 2 different ranges of Serial numbers?? My mags begin with 0608 and are affected under SB 3-08, but not under the serial number range of SB 2-08 from Slick. I must be missing something which you pro's can explain.

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